Health environments are undergoing significant change. Increased competition, technological development, increasing financial pressure, shortages of skilled personnel demand high productivity in corporate management. The change affects hospitals and medical practices, medtech and pharmaceutical companies, insurers and regulators alike.

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Strategy & Business Models

Successfully shaping change encompasses positioning of strategic offerings, integration along treatment paths, optimization of organizational and technical processes, as well as deployment of new technologies.

We provide support for structured decision-making, in which different aspects of change are addressed and coherently mapped to the timeline. In addition, we bring political experience from active parliamentary work into the project.

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Analytics & Evaluations

Evidence is a key decision-making factor. Both for therapeutic methods, but also for health economics theses, which lead to health policy decisions. New requirements for analysis and evaluation are characterized by increasingly narrower clinical assessments and individualized therapies.

We offer expert knowledge for quantitative analysis for policy-making decisions - based on our experience and track record in numerics, computer modeling and data-driven analysis.

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Data Interoperability & Architecture

Healthcare data is maintained in separate silos, i.e. health insurance data, registry data, disease histories, etc. This hinders medical progress and weakens the economy. The Electronic Patient Record (EPR) is one step towards improved data use and will drive digitization for the years to come.

We have many years of experience and professional, consistent project management in successful implementation of digitization projects, as well as the expertise to improve interoperability.