Digital Identity

Digitization requires secure and easy identification for services on the Internet.

As early as the 1990s, companies like Thawte began offering digital identities. In Switzerland, there were initiatives such as SwissKey, PostZertifikat and SuisseID - and in parallel a multitude of proprietary solutions. No technology could prevail - due to technical complexity and inadequate acceptance.

With the support of the Federal Council and major providers such as Swiss Post, SBB, banks, healthcare, etc., SwissID now has the potential for a uniform and widely accepted digital Swiss identification solution - already with potential for international use. Technically, electronic identities are based on cryptographic methods.

The next generation is already being researched: It will support self-sovereignty - the data owner can determine to whom he provides which information for what purpose and for how long - with the possibility to be compensated for it.

Digital identity