About Abdagon

Abdagon was founded 2008 in response to a growing demand for data driven business processes. The company name is derived from Greek Abdagos.

Our expertise encompasses strategic positioning and re-design of business models, as well as their subsequent end-to-end design and implementation, based on evidence evaluation, quantitative analytics, data architecture and interoperable data flow.

We are strong in interlinking different topics and perspectives at various scales. We have  sound experience in business areas with changing markets exposed to political processes and expectations. You keep your independency - as an independent consultant we always provide a neutral external view.

In our activities as consultant, service provider and implementer we reflect the values of our activities and the consequences thereof. Subject areas include security, durability and sustainability.

Leadership Team

Bild von Dr. Peter Janes
Senior Program Manager with more than thirty years of experience in finance and technology.
Bild von Dr. Peter Schuhmacher
Thirty years of experience in politically exposed projects in industry, public administration and health care; experience as an elected member of a cantonal parliament